Long-Term Productivity Database

Antonin Bergeaud, Gilbert Cette and Rémy Lecat

Welcome to the Long Term Productivity project website. Here you will find the latest version of the database on long-term productivity.

New version of the BCL database available for download.

This new version contains information from at least 1890 and until 2016 on GDP per capita, Labor productivity, TFP, capital intensity and average age of equipment for 23 countries. The database has been largely improved as detailed in the file. Main improvements includes: adding 6 more countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and New Zealand; and better measures of labor input for Germany and France.

New tool to build future productivity scenario available

The tool developped by Gilbert Cette, Rémy Lecat and Carole Ly-Marin enable the user to build various scenarios of productivity for the period from today to 2100.

New interacting interface

You can now choose the series you like and plot them online. Have a look at our interactive page.

New article published

The latest paper using the database Bergeaud, A., Cette, G. and Lecat, R. "The role of production factor quality and technology diffusion in 20th century productivity growth," is forthcoming in Cliometrica. The version of the database used in the paper is now available on the website.

Download the latest version of the database

The current version of the database includes 17 OECD countries and gathers series on Total factor productivity and labor productivity per hours worked, capital intensity and GDP per capita.